✨the family you originated from in human consciousness is by no accident, it is where you first identify who you are in relation to the world yet to be discovered— it is your first perception of self in relation to others and no matter how loving or how blessed you are there will always be lessons that come from family roots. Traditions may tire, bonds may loosen, ideas may change a hundred times and no matter what— we always come back to familial roots to guide us in our journey towards enlightenment. The space in which we heal and remember who we are and why we have been called to this earth. Each of us has a personal legend and all of life’s trials and tribulations are created to inspire us to carry out our very own truth. The truth sets you free when you choose it. Hiding behind family or material things only reinforces karmic debts leaving the soul stagnant and in low vibration— Authenticity and Love sustain family even when others are asleep. In their slumber, they can still see, hear and feel your majestic spirit and each time you present it— whether accepted or not— one must always live with the awareness of knowing something opposite of familiar| family

strange and uncomfortable becomes the source that guides one towards awakening…✨✨✨✨✨✨


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