ūüćčLemon Butter Baked Cod.

‚ô• Ingredients¬†‚ąě

2 lemons ♦ 1 tbsp butter ♦ 1 lb. cod

♦ cilantro ♦ olive oil ♦ sea salt ♦ cheyenne pepper ♦ dried thyme

Set oven to 400¬ļ

Rinse cod in cool water ♦ pat dry

 cut lemon ♦ squeeze fresh juice over cod and let sit

chop cilantro ♦ slice lemon in rounds then cut in halves

place cod in 1″ baking dish

drizzle olive oil  ♦ slice butter thin and  distribute evenly over cod ♦ 

set lemon rounds on top ♦ sprinkle sea salt and cheyenne pepper ♦ add chopped cilantro & thyme

cover and bake in over for 20 Р25 min.





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