Frutta Di Mare ☀️🐟

Before attempting any dish, it is important to take a moment to tap in and explore your energy. ✨AWARENESS. ✨MINDFUL cooking. Whatever you put in, you will get back in return. 360º✨
Collect your ingredients- 
handful of fresh mint & cilantro
2 whole lemons 
sea salt, pepper, ginger (grated with juice), 
1 container baby romas 
2-3 cloves of garlic, dried thyme 
1 lb. soba noodles (buckwheat)
for fish, I like to use whatever my craving is. here, I used cod fish (filet), shrimp, and baby clams.
FIRST- create the space.
slip into something that you feel good in. 
dressing for the celebration 
of your divine temple, 
you take on an energy, a shift, increasing momentum✨ 
I love to wear anything that honors my spirit✨I almost always end up in lace, sometimes fur and my worn down favorite apron along with bare feet✨


place shrimp & clams in ice water. set aside.
rinse cod in cool water. pat dry.
chop mint & cilantro
cut lemon & squeeze over chopped herbs
squeeze fresh lemon over cod
heat skillet 🔥
add olive oil, lemon juice, grated ginger [juice],
sea salt, pepper, garlic. heat.
add baby romas. stir gently.
heat until juice escapes from baby romas 
to extract more juice-  
very gently crack open romas with wooden spoon.
juice from tomato, lemon, and ginger 
creates a delicious & well balanced broth.
I will admit, cooking from recipe is not my forte. I allow for my five senses to move me towards my destination. measurement is not so important. adding flavors and amounts solely become dependent upon taste and intuition. trust your inner voice.
cook with soul. it is a journey towards self love✨ awareness.
add seafood.continue to add lemon & ginger juice-
along with olive oil. 
avoid juices from evaporating- medium to low flame.
toss in herbs. add to broth as needed.
continue to simmer until all seafood is cooked through.
while simmering... in a small pot, boil water.
add sea salt and oil - soba - boil for 2 min. drain.
serve frutta di mare 🌊 over soba noodle 
feast in love✨with love✨

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