Strawberry Banana A La Mode

Ingredients: 6-8 Whole strawberries

                          1 Banana

                          Whip Cream (in the can)

                          Hemp Seeds

                          Chocolate Syrup (dark chocolate)

                          All Natural Pure Cane Sugar


wash strawberries with cool water.

slice strawberries into halves and then half again.

depending on size of strawberry, I like to go for the bigger ones!

place strawberries in a medium sized glass bowl.

next, take a large banana and cut off the ends. Then, cut the banana in half.

I cut the banana vertically while it sits inside its peel cutting medium chunks all the way down to the end

remove banana from the peel and add to the bowl of strawberries.

drizzle about a tsp. of hemp seeds and a dash of cane sugar over the fruit.

coat with dark chocolate syrup.

add a burst of whip cream. top with a sprinkle of hemp seeds.

Serve immediately.

depending on how much you like to share, there will be enough for two🍓🍌





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