Journey to Self Love.

Love is a word we relate to feelings of euphoria 
as we should. 
Love is so powerful, magnificent and all-knowing. 
Love is grateful. 
Love is the answer to EVERYthing. 
When fear creeps in, pain arrives. 
Love is not pain. 
It is not abandonment. It is not rejection. 

Pain is something we feel when we choose to step out of LOVE. 
We spend so much energy on telling ourselves pain is necessary if 
we are to feel, 
accept or live in love, 
but this simply is not true. 

Self Love. We are born with self love 
and whatever limitations we have put on ourselves 
reflects outward to the universe 
and manifests 
we fear 

Food is healing. 
Food nurtures, sustains and tends to our growth. 
Food is more than the fruits and vegetables we ingest. 
Food represents the energy we want to fuel our temple with. 
Food prepared by the hands in which we trust translates to 
In food there is love. 
Food is LOVE. 
Thought is food. Emotion is food. 
We must first tend to our own harvest to purify the ingredients 
passed down to whomever we come in contact with. 

We are the creators of our own recipes. 

M a n i f e s t. 

Spirit guides us on the journey to self love.  



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  1. Your words on love are beautiful! 🙂

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    1. I am grateful the beauty resonates within you! Namaste.

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      1. It does, and it doesn’t happen often 😊

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      2. Some writings I just can’t relate to and the emotion of that post can’t be felt. But it is very good to stumble upon a post that can be felt 😊😄

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      3. Thank you for sharing! You have inspired my inspiration!!

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      4. It is such an honour to hear for me if I have 😊😊

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      5. Tell me, if you don’t mind sharing, what did you relate to in the piece you read about Love?

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  2. Love is everything once you have it. I never understood what love was, what it felt like but when I met someone your post explained exactly how it felt. The taste of everything changed, we both shared same feelings. The pain I once felt got replaced with the love I found. And in time I started loving myself and who I was 😊😊

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    1. AMAZING! be gentle with yourself, that is part of loving yourself. When you love yourself you love all things. Love is not just an emotion, Love is energy. Sustainability.

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      1. Yes, you are right! Love is more than just a feeling but something much more stronger than that.

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