Life Lessons.

Life is learning. Learning is life. Without lessons, there is no way to become aware. Aware of the bullshit, the bullshit of others, and even our own bullshit. There goes an old saying, “people come into our lives for a reason”. We may not always know the reason or reasons. Some stay forever, some for a season and some come and go and come again! We never know what the future holds, however, I am certain it is our duty to let the universe take us where we are to go. Once we interfere in the magic, in the manifestation of our very own thoughts we are doomed. It is necessary to pause. Simply just be. Accept things, events and people for who they are without any expectations. If they choose to go, let them. Trust in thy self. Believe in your EnErGy and know that in the end, you remain true to who you are without any compromises or regrets.


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