It is not everyday we meet people who are on the same vibration as ourself. There are people who are AWAKE, spiritually awake and who understand their own energy. Then, there are others who resemble the Walking Dead. In my opinion, most walk around in a deep sleep with the potential to be awake! Meet one of my Heartbeats♥, she is magical. Over the past year all I can express is my gratitude. Grateful for all the experiences that have brought me to where I am rooted in this moment. Burns is by far one of the most amazing creatures I have met. Together we are unstoppable! Energy ✨Magic✨Inspiration✨ Love✨Compassion✨ Commitment✨ It is essential to have a solid crusader. One that will go to bat for you, be honest with you even when it stings the ego, remind you of your journey and love you unconditionally. Without her or him life is dull. It is the Crusader who reflects you and keeps you grounded. Any upset in the ebb and flow of things; there is no doubt she will be there to REMIND you of the magnificent energy you radiate. Burns is my ride or die! Who is your crusader?!


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