Life is Precious. Unfolding…

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Do you ever stop to think about how precious life truly is? Do you ever just sit and ponder the concepts surrounding our very existence? Are you awake? Energy is everywhere. We are a force field encapsulated in a shell and traveling through time. We must honor our presence by practicing love in all its forms and patience. After visiting Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto, I took time to reflect on how amazing life is. In all forms. As we hurry, hustle, stress and get caught up in societal drama, life is passing by… Enjoy the PRESENT moment and live in it as often as you can regardless of what the issues are at hand. Moments can never be re-created. All of life’s dealings are regenerated repeatedly. You miss out when you live in the past or the future. It’s all happening NOW. Be mindful. The Law of Attraction does exist. What you put out is ultimately what you get back in return. Shine your light! xo


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