Life of an OG on the West Side!

Original Gangsta! I consider myself pretty gangsta for making it this far as a single mom and not one trip to the mental hospital for a nervous breakdown. I am resilient. I can handle what the universe serves up to me. I know this. Unfortunately, some of my shit finds me and grabs a hold leaving me feeling defeated and low energy. I wake up and instantly feel like I wanna crawl back into that deep sleep where I was dreaming about my past life as a sultana. 360° I have returned. This time nothing can stop me, not even my dreary days. What changed? I shifted. My energy shifted. Magic exists and it lies deep within each and every one of us waiting to be tapped into. There are no words to express the trials and tribulations of navigating the parenting scene alone and some of us who DO have partners and are still parenting alone understand this too!

I am wondering if now is the time to create my very own portable parenting manual. Not a bad idea! Parenting for dummies just isn’t quite what I had in mind…



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