New Years with Vintage Cucina and the Heartbeats.

Ringing in the New Year with Love, Food and The Heartbeats…

It’s 2017 and what better way to ring in the New Year than with close friends and family. I call this energy, the heartbeats. The Heartbeats are what sustains vintage cucina! They are precious, delicate souls sharing unconditional love. They vibrate making harmony in all frequencies. Food is commitment. Food is comfort. Food is divine. Food is healing. Food is sexy. Food is an integral motivator in bringing people together for centuries. In food, there is a story. Truth. Love. Inspiration. Compassion.

In 2017, the 6lb. lamb was prepared with intuition and energy. Love. The heartbeats inspired its creation and together, we savored the flavor, colors, and unity that came from sharing in this symbolic and festive meal.

New inspires cut Lemon fresh and squeezed all over the lamb filling its cavity along with fresh garlic, sage, jalapeño peppers sliced. Then rubbed with salt, pepper, dried mint, Cheyenne pepper and paprika. Mr. Lamb was garnished with trimmings of sweet potato rounds and poblano peppers. Now add some Moët Chandon, Hummus, Fattoush salad, Shrimp and Bourbon and you have yourself a New Year’s Party! What would the New Year be without the passion of VintageCucina and the Heartbeats? There is something very special and sacred about gathering around sharing life, stories, energy and food.

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